Friday, August 16, 2019

Speeding Up Your Shred Guitar

Who doesn't like a little speed metal guitar?

But had do you go from just fast to shredding?  Trying to gradually get faster, a bit at a time, you  hit a barrier.  It turns out those nice, controlled finger drills don't transition into ultra fast.  It's as if you have to shift gears.

That's what this short video is about.  Going to warp speed!  As he explains,
"Playing slow will give you a great relaxed technique. Sometimes you just have to sprint through the mistakes as this video shows
This can help massively when learning to pick at warp speed. An ideal tip for shred and metal players. Learning how to play shred guitar can be quite a tough thing. Most guitar players love or want to be able to shred. When you actually master some of it, try and make it sound melodic and not just fast.
Watch the video to see how much I actually dig in onto the guitar strings. This might feel different to what you normally play like, but It can help. Please leave a comment to let me know if this works for your shred guitar playing too!"

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