Sunday, July 7, 2019

Christocentric Interpretation of the Bible - Is it Accurate?

As a believer, how can you have too much of Jesus?

In one sense, you can't of course.  But what if your imagination begins to run away with you?  Do you see the face of Jesus in a tortilla, or a random cloud?

What if as you read passages in the Old Testament you begin to see Jesus in every single passage, not matter what it is about? 

That is not too far from what some are now advocating for our method of understanding each passage of the Old Testament.  So David and Goliath isn't about trusting God and depending on Him to fight our battles. That, they say, is inserting me into the text.  No, it's really a story about Jesus being our David-like figure who fought out battle against sin.  If anything we are the cringing Israelites off in the distance too afraid and weak to fight.

But is this what God intended in that story?  Many say yes.  But Tim Chaffey cautions and points out some of the pitfalls of this recently revived approach:

Tim Chaffey "Too Much Jesus: Is that Even Possible?"

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