Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tony Campolo Still an "Evangelical" After Approving Gay Marriage?

Evangelist and author Tony Campolo now supports gay marriage, a reversal of his previous position where he cited clear biblical teaching as his authority.

But is he still evangelical?  Does that term apply any more?

In 1984 the Christian philosopher and apologist Francis Schaeffer wrote in The Great Evangelical Disaster,
"There is only one way to describe those who no longer hold to a full view of Scripture. Although many of these would like to retain the evangelical name for themselves, the only accurate way to describe this view is that of a form of neo-orthodox existential theology. The heart of neo-orthodox existential theology is that the Bible gives us a quarry out of which to have religious experience, but that the Bible contains mistakes when it touches that which is verifiable - namely history and science. But unhappily we must say that this concept now has come into some of that which is called evangelicalism."

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