Sunday, January 8, 2012

More Strange Mark Virkler Dream Interpretation Claims

Marker Virkler on his web site give 7 "foundational principles" for interpreting one's standard night time dreams as the voice of God speaking to us.  This are drawn from his book, Hear God Through Your Dreams.    In one of his principles, he claims that God never gives a dream that implies condemnation:
  1. Dreams reveal but do not condemn. Their goal is to preserve life, not to destroy it (Job 33:13-18).
 He bases this on a single quote from Elihu in the book of Job.  Is this proof text true?  Do all dreams preserve life?

We need go no further than the book of Genesis to see this is not the case.  When Joseph was in prison the Pharaoh's cup bearer and his baker were thrown in jail.  They each had dreams, which Joseph interpreted.  The cup bearer's dream of squeezing grapes into Pharaoh's cup foretold his forgiveness and restoration. But the baker's dream of birds eating the loaves of bread out of the basket on his head foretold his execution!  

Clearly Virkler is wrong in his sweeping assertion that "dreams reveal but do not condemn."  Given such an obvious and easy error to avoid it is hard to put much confidence in the rest of his teachings. 

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