Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Favorite Mac of All Time

There have been so many!

I bought my first Mac, the original 128k Macintosh, in October 1984. I was in graduate school in Dallas, but had not even heard of a Macintosh.  One Saturday we walked into a Dillard's where I had tried some PC compatibles before. Yes, they sold computers back then at Dillard's in the Town East Mall.  As I made my way past the glass counter, the type that usually hold watches or cologne, there on top, by itself, sat a strange, small beige box with a mouse next to it.

I noticed the Apple logo and "Macintosh" and asked the clerk what in the world it was.  He said it was a new type of computer that uses a mouse, and he reached across from behind the counter and moved it a bit.

As I peered at that original Mac screen, black on white and WYSIWYG with crisp square pixels (I could see such details in those days) one word popped into my mind:  "Crystalline!"

It was several months before I bought one, and apart from feeling like the lone ranger (everyone else had a PC or a Tandy) I knew it was the right choice. This is how it ought to be to work a computer. 

Was the original my favorite?  No.

I'd have to say that was the Blue and White G3 Mac tower.  When I pulled it out of the box I literally said, "Wow!"  It was so different and cool looking.  And it was three times faster than my PowerPC 7500 Mac it replaced.  And it was quiet!   It got upgraded several times, passed down, and served until late 2010 when I donated its fully operational chassis to Goodwill.  Eleven years and never a breakdown.  It ran OS X Tiger with ease.  It still looked cool with the huge letters G3 visible beneath the translucent sides.

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