Tuesday, September 15, 2009

GNX3000 Still Rocks

The GNX3000 may be out of production, but it still holds it's own, and may even still surpass Digitech's latest offerings. The 3000 introduced "component modeling" where each electronic and mechanical component of an amp or cabinet was individually "modeled" to create the overall tone close to the orginal (when mic'd that is). No one would ever confuse any modeler for the real thing just plugged into a studio monitor. But mic it into a PA or in a recording and it's very close. Close enough that you would probably chalk up differences to technique or recording set up.

I say it may surpass Digitech's latest, but it's hard to say because, frankly, the demo's on their site for the new gear are so lame. They need to borrow a page from Line 6 and hire some great guitarists for demos.


  1. I bought one recently (after they went out of production) got a great price for a new unit. I had a friend on the worship team who had one and never used it at church, I bought mine to go direct into the system returning a line 6 M13 and almost buying an X3 but this bundle for price and power seemed the right choice. I must say some your sounds are fantastic. How do you rate it against the X3? I recall it was against the XT when you bought yours. Also do you ever post the patches?

  2. Thanks!
    Read my post from September 15, 2009 on the Head to Head Comparison of the Line 6 X3 vs. a Vox AC 50 amp.

    I haven't had the chance to compare what the Digitech GNX3000 would sound like head to head with the X3. I suspect there would be a lot of overlap in great tones. But I can say the X3 is excellent, despite what you read on some sites. Most of those are guys trying to do things like plug them into a Fender combo amp and get it to sound like a Marshall stack. Again, that's just not what "modelers" were made for. Stick to stomp boxes if you're just looking for something in front of a good amp.

    But for playing into a PA or recording, a modeler is excellent. And they only weigh a few pounds!

  3. Yeah I read that very interesting.

    I had the same issue I initially went to buy an X3 but fell in love with the M13 stomp, sounded fantastic in front of my amp but dragging my huge amp into church and increasing the stage volume was not the way to go, so I took it back and was going to the do the X3 but too many horror stories on build quality so I went with the GNX as I have worked on them before and they are tough units.

    X3 has more patches to download so I still have some small regrets but I am starting to make the GNX sound great. I have direct patches for practice (with my amp) and the amp modeling is great for the PA.