Thursday, April 24, 2008

Phil Keaggy

Phil Keaggy at Jesus '81 in Orlando. Taken as he warmed up. Keaggy loves to improvise in these warm ups and this was no exception. He's playing his standard Les Paul with customized pick ups. Amazingly he was playing the little Yahama G100-112 amp. Totally solid state, but he made it sound good. Years later a friend gave me one of these. I have to believe it had something seriously wrong with it because it was impossible to get good sound out of it at any volume or setting. I gave it away.
In the background is Herb Melton and a few other players from that era.
On this occasion he was using a very modest Ovation round back acoustic for the tour due to it's built in mic--a rarity in those days, but very convenient.

Phil uses a Podxt some these days.

Just spent a couple hours recovering a 27 year old live recording of my college band from a cassette and remixing it in Garageband and Sound Soap (noise filtering). We used to cover several of his songs, including Rejoice (the "How the West Was One" version with most of the solo), What a Day, Take Me Closer, and Love Broke Through.

My old Fender Princeton Reverb was very similar to Phil's Deluxe he used on "How the West Was One." I transferred the cassettes wtih a Nakamichi Cassette Deck One I bought on ebay just for this project. It will be for sale next month. The Nak (vintage 1992 but in mint condition) was the best of the best and made especially for pulling everything off an old or odd tape.

Rejoice sounded incredible. Put into Garageband and given a little quality reverb (large room setting at about 9%) it sounded very much like Phil's mix on the live recording. In fact, sometimes I forget for a moment that's it's our band playing and not the original.

But all the time I was playing it live it NEVER sounded in my ears anything close to the recording. The notes were there, it sounded pretty good, but the tone was so different and any little glitch seemed to jump out. Just shows what athe mic/tape/mix process can do.

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