Saturday, September 22, 2007

Guitar on Coldplay's "Speed of Sound"

The guitar features on Coldplay's "Speed of Sound" are subtle but brilliant. About 1:40 into the track there is a riff that involves some very quick slides high on the neck with a clean amp setting.

The part is easy, but the very quick slides are a twist you don't hear often. Choose a clean amp setting. I like the AC-15 (vox) on the GNX3000 with generous compression, delay and reverb. At about 1:40 listen and you'll hear the guitar. To play it, start on the 1st and 3rd strings at the 9th fret. Then very quickly slide up to the 12th fret. Stay on the 12th fret and play the 3rd & 1st strings then add the 2nd string at the 15th fret with your little finger. Next, play 3rd & 1st strings at 12th fret again, then quickly slide up to the 14th fret. To finish it off, play 3rd & 1st strings on the 14th fret then very quickly slide down to the 9th fret. Then repeat the whole thing.

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