Friday, December 7, 2018

NordickTrack Customer Service Sketchy

My Horizon Elite treadmill of 12 years finally died in September, 2018.

To replace it I read all the online reviews and features and the leading makes and settled on the NordicTrack Commercial 1750, purchasing it directly from NordicTrack online.

It arrived in about 12 days and the assembly wasn't too bad.  I filled out the warranty information online right away, created the iFit account and few custom workouts and all seemed well.

But then one week into using it the right fan stopped working.

I filled out a customer service request that same day at  The generic confirmation email arrived right away so I know it went through.  

But then after 5 days I had received no response, despite even filling out a second online ticket.

So, I tried the "live chat."  A machine asked for the serial number and that, "A customer rep will be right with you."  But after 20 minutes waiting on the chat no tech ever responded.

The next day I tried calling, but they're only open during weekdays.  I tried calling on a weekday and after 45 minutes on hold it said, "If you need support hang up and visit ifitcom."  I let the phone stay on hold another 15 minutes but nothing but music, so I finally hung up.

Finally on day 10 an email response from a customer service person said I would first have to "completely remove then disassemble the console and use the exploded parts diagram" as my guide.  Then I could look, test the connections, around and tell them what was wrong with it.

What?  I'm not a technician!  That seemed crazy.  

Here's the email,
"Please refer to the exploded drawing in the user's manual to see what hardware to remove the console and fan assembly. Check the wires between the fan and the control board in the console. This includes any jumpers for pinched, damaged, loose or disconnected wires. Disconnect and reconnect the wire connections where possible to verify that there are no bent pins in the connectors. Is there damage to the wires or were bad connections found?"
I paid a boat load of money for this treadmill.  And the warranty says a full year of "parts and labor" is included.  Tearing apart the console, which had come fully assembled, seemed like a very bad idea! So I didn't.

I finally tried the phone again a couple days later, and after about 20 minutes got a representative who actually was very helpful.  He was aghast the chat rep had suggested taking it apart.  No way!  He arranged a service call and a couple days later it was repaired at no charge.

The phone number works much better, thought you will have to wait at least 20-30 minutes each time.

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