Wednesday, September 24, 2014

You Don't Need a Screen Protector with iPhone Glass

My iPhone 6 arrived the other day and on Monday a co-worker came in to ask how I liked it:  "Are you going to get a screen protector for it?"

I pulled a sharp pair of Fiskars scissors out of my desk draw and while she watched in horror I vigorously ran the point back and forth over the new screen about a dozen times.  Then I showed it to her:  not a scratch.  In fact, not even close.

So I have to laugh when people show me their new iPhones embedded behind cheap finger printed dull plastic or glass (probably window grade glass), or liquid goop--all of which DOES scratch like crazy.  It's like putting latex paint on a vault.  The one part of the iPhone that doesn't need protecting it the screen.  I guess all these folks see the scratches on their protectors after a few months and just assume the Gorilla glass will scratch easily.

And a screen protector does not protect against screen breaks at all.  A rubberized case can clearly help, both with some shock absorption and less accidental slipping.

Here is my personal history with iPhone screens:

I used an uncased iPhone 3G for three years, in pockets all the time, on vacations and what not and the glass was scratchless at the end, unlike the back of the case which had some minor scratches.  But folks, it's a phone not the Mona Lisa.

Then I got the iPhone 4 and after two years the glass front and back again were scratchless--but not the cheap lens cover Apple put on the camera in that model.  It scratched up after only a month and I had to replace it and got a bumper just to off set it from any surface it sat on, and it was a very slippery phone!

Then came the iPhone 5 I just replaced after two years.  Just a bumper case to keep the camera lens off of surfaces and make it a bit less slick and protect the back.  Under very close inspection with a magnifying glass, no scratches on the glass at all.  I don't put it in with my keys, but again, the scissors don't scratch it either.  And I have enjoyed a pristine view, better wide angle brightness and fewer finger prints than I would have with a protector.  The line is always, "you can barely tell I have a screen protector."  Really?

Yes, if you are the kind to immerse your phone occasionally a life proof case might be in order.  For me?  I just got the $6 a month total replacement plan, which includes theft or stupidity like stepping on it.

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