Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vitelity, LLC A Leading Source of Spam & Fraud VIOP Calls

Vitelity is the conduit of choice these days for annoying overseas phone bank scammers who don't care if you are registered on the national Do Not Call List.   Hundreds of complaints have not motivated this company to do anything.  Not their problem I guess.

Don't do business with these scam enablers!

Here's an example of complaints:

Probably a phony debt collection scam.

Many such overseas scammers use Vitelity LLC for VoIP access to U.S. suckers. Some alter their caller id information to whatever they want to appear, and others just default to "Vitelity LLC".

File fraud complaints on overseas scam calls with the FBI.
 Vitelity you need to do something about this!  Meanwhile, use their competitors.

One number they use among many:

Here are a couple comments from online complaints against Vitelity and these scammers:
Country: USA
Location: Florida (Melbourne, Orlando, Palm Bay)

We are receiving continuing phone calls claiming to collect a debt for Retro Fitness. We do not owe Retro Fitness and when we try to get answers from the gentlemen on the phone about where they are located they hang up. We called our Fitness Center and they advised us of the billing company they use and it is not Vitelity LLC 856-879-6033. They have called three times in one day and dont even speak english!
 So what's the deal with Vitelity?  Here was a good write up by "TJ" on (April 2012) and why Vitelity needs to take steps to protect US consumers from these scams:
Vitelity is a telecom that sells VoIP services.

These types of phone services are commonly used by telemarketing and debt collection call centers, among others. They provide cheap and flexible long distance calling from anywhere, with many added services useful to call center, and easy expansion. They may show up on caller id under various area codes and phone numbers, even when the call may actually originate overseas.

When the caller id says "Vitelity", it may mean that the caller is a customer of Vitelity, who is buying their VoIP services, but has not set the caller id message from it's default value.

Legitimate call centers would set caller id to report their company name, or possibly their client's company name, and their 800 callback number.

You cannot trust caller id, since it can be spoofed. In fact, although YOUR caller id is set by your phone company to match your information, ANY call center PBX system can set it to whatever they want.

Fraudulent users of VoIP have been reported to set phony caller id settings, and might appear to be anyone they think might help them in their fraudulent scheme: the sheriff, your bank, your employer, a well known U.S. company, whatever.

Cell phones are frequent targets of sequential block autodialing by scammy telemarketers. The caller might not even have any information on you specifically, but just be systematically cold calling, even if it violates TCPA and the Do Not Call laws. In these cases, the caller id number might be some other company's number, to hide the source of illegal calls, or even a disconnected number.

Consumer complaints include many reports of fraudulent and extortionate calls from overseas scammers that show up with a caller id of "Vitelity LLC". Their services are being used by fraudulent telemarketers and overseas scammers, including fake "payday loan debt collection" scams.

Your debts may all have been discharged in bankruptcy, be legally unowed, you might not even owe any debt at all. Many debt collectors could care less. They will call, threaten, harass, and deceive, trying to con you into paying them anyway.

Vitelity, telecom to the scams.
 I couldn't agree more!  Vitelity is a large company and could easily take steps to prevent this.  So, use Vitelity's competitors.

NOTE:  Vitelity responded to this post.  You can submit complaints to them.  Time (and your phone) will tell if Vitelity lives up to their statement below.

UPDATE 7-7-12 -Despite Vitelity's comment above I still get calls from these phone banks using their service.

Update 2019:  Install apps such as HiYa and/or use your mobile providers Call Protection if they offer it.

AT&T's protection from spammers is Call Protect. Verizon and T-Mobil also have intelligent screening to prevent these unwanted calls on your mobile device.

It does almost no good to try to manually block each number since the robo callers used thousands of newly generated spoofed numbers and ID's.

Finally it looks like the telecommunications industry is responding with what should be the ultimate solution, a developing technology with the James Bond name STIR/SHAKEN.

Meanwhile, third party apps such as RoboKiller can even retaliate against spammers by keeping them on the line with voicemail messages that sound like a person somewhat interested (or even impersonations of President Trump).   Check out this funny example on YouTube.


  1. Our competitors do not use their own name in the caller ID name field by default so you have no idea who to call and complain to. The fact that we do, so that people CAN contact us and complain is certainly far more than most companies do. We take complaints seriously and all it takes is to fill out the form on our contact page and our abuse department will investigate the matter. Only because you actually see our name being used would you know whose customer it is, and therefor can help us to stop them from abusing our service. We certainly apologize for any inconvenience our customers can create but please report them to use whenever you see someone abusing our service in this way.

    Kerry Garrison

    1. Kelly, you have a big issue on your hands and I would start looking for a new job. Just search 214-377-5771 on the Internet! This number which shows up on caller ids all across the country with your companys name tattooed on caller ids is trying to scam people and has been doing so for close to 3yrs. Why hasnt this number or Group of scammers been shut down yet???? They tried to steal money from my grand father over the weekend and that does not sit well with me. I am calling the FBI tomorrow and starting with your company.

    2. Sorry gave wrong # it's 214-377-5991. Scam all the way for a few years and Vitelity has been the company provided #.

  2. Still getting calls from these jokers.

  3. Kerry,
    That is BS. You have total control over who your company signs up and who it doesn't. You make it easy for anyone to signup for your service and don't care about who you sell your service to. Shame on Vitelity and shame on you.


  4. Hey Kerry,

    I got 2 calls from 508-458-9553 on 10-Dec-12 1PM and 4PM and it showed up as VITELITY, LLC. on my caller ID,any reason your company called me???


  5. If you are having an issue with fraud, I want to know about it. Please contact our main office and request the fraud department or fill out our contact form on the main website. I take this stuff very seriously.

  6. These jokers are still going strong. Just got a call from them looking for an employee of my company. The guy tried to tell me he was with DHL and had a package for this person. I asked why the caller ID said Vitelity, LLC and he gave me some cock and bull story about them sharing the same building. I asked him if he was with DHL and had a package for this person how come he did not know that she worked for a different division of my company as that name should have been on the package. He hung up. 214-377-5991 was the number used. I called it back got that "this in an unallocated number" crap and it automaticlly hung up. Vitelity, LLC they are giving you a really bad name. I would not use you.

  7. Vitelity is a big aggregator of telecommunication services. I have used them since 2005. Their business is simply everyone. Like Kelly said report abuse. Remember just because someone submits a number to caller id does not mean its really that person commiting the fraud or that the call even came over vitelitys network.

    The name that is reported is called cname and is registered with a provider. No one can simply submit it adhoc per call. The fact that Vitelity takes a responsible approach to per minute dids with their default info is a big deal and pro consumer.

    Point and case is Vitelity is really acting in good faith. You can't expect them to listen to millions of calls a day in an effort to protect you. This isn't the NSA ;).

  8. Vitelity is making money so screw us.Its the system until a law is passed.