Thursday, May 10, 2012

Is Gay Marriage Civil Right or Attempt to Redefine Marriage?

Proponents of gay marriage are of course trying to position the whole issue as civil rights.   But is it?  At least one prominent minority leader objects to this tactic and sees it as something entirely different.

Bishop Harry Jackson who is African-American, says gay marriage is not a civil rights issue, but fundamentally about redefining the institution of marriage.

There are some profound differences between things like race and gender, which he points out are permanent and not of one's choice.  But sexual orientation can change, and homosexuality is a behavior. 

What's really going on is a group of people insisting on redefinition of something that that is based in the very biology of our species.  It takes male and female to reproduce.  And without question a healthy mother and father role model is hard wired into the optimal nurture of a child.  If you are an evolutionist you are really forced to this conclusion or you admit abandoning the very premise of your worldview.

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