Thursday, May 10, 2012

Did Andy Stanley Tweet a Response Regarding His Sermon?

Andy Stanley created a buzz when he preached a sermon April 15, 2012, entitled "When Gracie Met Truthy" and told the "messy" story of an openly gay couple in his church.  Al Mohler and many others asked whether Stanley would clarify things, as he clearly condemned adultery as sinful, but didn't address the openly homosexual practices of a male homosexual couple who wanted to serve in their Buckhead campus of North Point Church.

This tweet by Stanley appeared briefly on May 8 10:24pm, according to Stand Up For the Truth, then was deleted.  But Google cached it and that is what is pasted below:
Twitter / AndyStanley: Dang, if I had known being ...
Dang, if I had known being unclear would get me this much attention I would have started being unclear a long time ago.
GW confirmed that this is Stanley's actual twitter name, and also found a RT (retweet) on Google of this by joshhuffman. 

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