Saturday, March 5, 2011

Florida Bullet Train Not a Bullet

Let's talk real world on the foolish bullet train to nowhere between Orlando and Tampa.

Joe Traveler is in suburban Orlando and needs to be some place in the Tampa area.  He has two options: 1) hop in his Toyota Camry and drive to his destination in about 70 minutes at a cost of about $11 gas, or 2) hop on the new Federally funded bullet train to downtown Tampa.  Joe chooses to try the bullet train.  Here's his trip details:
  • Looking up schedule online:  5 minutes
  • Travel from his house in the suburbs to the terminal:  20 minutes
  • Paying for parking:  $10
  • Paying for the round trip ticket:  $60
  • Clearing TSA security:  5 minutes
  • Waiting on the train (average):  25 minutes because he had to "arrive early" for security
  • Actual travel on train to downtown Tampa:  60 minutes due to several stops
  • Finding a cab in Tampa:  5 minutes & took a cell call to the Taxi company!
  • Cab travel to north Tampa:  $25
  • Cab travel time: 25 minutes
TOTAL one way travel time:  145 minutes!
TOTAL one way cost:  $65 (one half rt ticket + parking and cab)

More than double the time and triple the cost!

Any questions???


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