Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bullet Train Real World Part 2

We looked at Joe Traveler, an Orlando suburb resident.  Now lets look at Oscar Weiner, a well-to-do German tourist with this wife and two children: 

Oscar is on vacation from Germany and they plan to stay 7 days in the Disney resort area before going to south Florida.  Here are their "hot spots" in central Florida:

1. Disney Magic Kingdom
2. Disney MGM
3. Disney Animal Kingdom
4. Disney Epcot or a Disney water park
5. Universal total park pass
6. Kennedy Space Center
7. Sea World

Notice anything?  No Tampa.

Oscar read about the bullet train but he had to laugh.  Really?  A 68 mile bullet train that takes one hour?  Then what do you do in downtown Tampa?  Go out on a gambling cruise?  Does Ybor compare to the Orlando resort area?  Even Busch Gardens (requiring a cab ride), while OK, can't compare to Animal Kingdom+Universal Islands of Adventure.  He's definitely not going to a Bucs game.  Forget the aquarium compared to Sea World.

No bullet train for Oscar and family.

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